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My name is Kendra Joy. I'm a homeschooling mom of 2 and I've been making your jewellery in my cozy home studio since December 2017. 

I absolutely love being in nature, enjoying the stunning displays of beauty in God's creation. The problem however, is they never seem to last long enough! Sunsets fade, butterflies fly away, and flowers wilt. I started making jewellery as an effort to preserve moments of nature in a way that could be worn as a constant reminder of those fleeting moments of joy we experience. 

My creativity is inspired by the beauty of God's creation, and it's a joy to share that beauty with you!

waterproof wing_edited_edited.jpg

About the Jewellery

Joy Creations jewellery is made from polymer clay which is a colourful, moldable clay that cures with heat. The result is beautiful, flexible, durable, and lightweight jewellery anyone can enjoy. All the colours in my pieces come from the clay itself as paint is never used; which means the colour doesn't fade, chip, or wash away. 


All metal hardware is hypo-allergenic (nickel and lead free). I prefer to use stainless steel over sterling silver because it doesn’t tarnish! This means down to earth nature lovers like us don’t have to worry about complicated jewellery care or maintenance ;) 


For extra sensitive ears, I do offer silver and gold, as well as plastic posts and hooks. Did you know about plastic hardware? It’s completely hypo-allergenic and metal-free so even women with the most severe metal allergies can enjoy Joy Creations jewellery.


To inspire the celebration of the beauty found in nature and the God who created it.


For all women to enjoy wearing unique jewellery they love without fear of damage or discomfort.

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